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  Ghosts Of Long Island: Stories of the Paranormal

Ghosts of Long Island: Stories of the Paranormal is the highly anticipated third book from author and photographer Kerriann Flanagan Brosky.

With the assistance of paranormal investigator Joe Giaquinto, Ms. Brosky has uncovered paranormal activities throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. 

The 30 tales that make up “Ghosts of Long Island: Stories of the Paranormal” by Kerriann Flanagan Brosky range from accounts of haunted mansions of the island’s famed Gold Coast to the stories that surround the Fire Island Lighthouse on the South Shore and an abandoned yet mysteriously “occupied” 19th century windmill in The Hamptons.

In addition, there are farmhouses, inns, cemeteries, trails and a lake – each with a haunted story to tell. Through historical research, photographs, eyewitness accounts
and local lore, Ms. Brosky brings these locations and tales to life in vibrant detail.

“Ghosts of Long Island: Stories of the Paranormal” begins in Stony Brook at The Country House restaurant with the account of Annette Williamson, who has haunted the building since the American Revolution. Annette Williamson was murdered there, in what was then her family home.

Ms. Brosky and Joe Giaquinto interviewed owner Bob Willemstyn and his staff, who described the many inexplicable events they have witnessed in the place.

The book includes pictures of the building’s exterior, photographed by Ms. Brosky at night, that show “orbs,” or circular anomalies, essentially balls of light that are claimed to represent spirits of the departed. In addition, Mr. Giaquinto picked up EVPs – electronic voice phenomena – on his digital audio recorder while in the attic of The Country House. This and other EVPs cited in the book are available for listening at his Web site, www.joegiaquintoparanormalinvestigator.com.

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"This book is the culmination of intensive research, interviews and understanding about a topic few people are willing to discuss, lest they would be thought of as 'crazy'.  It became clear, however, that no one I interviewed is 'crazy' at all.  They are sincere people, willing to share their unusual experiences with others."

 - Kerriann Flanagan Brosky

"With her in-depth knowledge of the nuances of Long Island life and culture, Kerriann soon became inspired to write a new book which would combine the elements of family ghost stories with local history and personal quests for spiritual experiences.  In this book, Kerriann neither proves nor disproves the existence of ghosts.  She simply presents her readers with stories of people whose lives are part of Long Island's past and present, and how those lives have been affected (at times in humorous and wonderful ways) due to unearthly guests."

  - Joe Giaquinto







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