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  Ghosts Of Long Island II:
More Stories of the Paranormal

Kerriann Flanagan Brosky is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Long Island University at C.W. Post, and studied under renowned photographer Arthur Leipzig. She began her photographic career in 1990 as a freelance photojournalist for Newsday and local papers. She then went on to begin a writing career, combining her love of history and photography. She is the author and photographer of four Long Island historically-based books, and is the co-author of an Italian cookbook.

Ms. Brosky served as first Vice President of the Huntington Historical Society’s Board of Trustees for six years, as well as serving as a Board of Trustee member for the Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association for four years. She is currently on the Board of the Long Island Authors Group, where she is President.

The success of her first ghost book (2006) has prompted much prestigious media coverage, including features in Newsday, The New York Times and Distinction magazine, and she has appeared on the CBS Sunday Morning Show, Channel 21 WLIW’s “Ticket” with Laura Savini, Channel 55 and News 12 Long Island. She also appeared as an authority on the history of several Long Island ghost stories and legends for the documentary portion of a film entitled Lost Suburbia (2007). She and Joe Giaquinto worked with producers to create a documentary television pilot based on Ghosts of Long Island.

A Long Island native, Ms. Brosky lives in Huntington with her husband Karl and their two sons.


Joe Giaquinto graduated Magna Cum Laude from Adelphi University with a degree in Broadcast Communications. He owns and runs a computer training and web design company, Teach Me PC, and is also the owner of a paranormal investigative group called Ghost Hunters of Long Island. He is a past member of the American Society for Psychical Research, and is an active member in the American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP), Forever Family Foundation, and is on the Board of Directors for the Hampton Bays Historical and Preservation Society.

          Mr. Giaquinto is a clairaudient medium who has been experiencing ghostly phenomena for over 20 years. He has appeared in numerous regional and local newspapers, magazines and cable television shows. He lectures frequently and offers forums on the topic of ghosts, and for people interested in developing their own spiritual communication skills, Mr. Giaquinto offers workshops at various locations on Long Island as well as online on the Web. The EVP’s mentioned in this book can be heard on his web site, www.joegpi.com   


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Glenn Poveromo reviews Ghosts of Long Island II: More Stories of the Paranormal

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F or me, this book has been not only a journey through the exploration of the
paranormal, but through the understanding of the afterlife and our own
existence here on Earth.

This book has a more spiritual aspect than its predecessor. With the first ghost book, I lectured frequently and met countless readers. Many asked me questions regarding life after death, and told me of their own experiences. I found that people wanted to read more about how we can communicate with loved ones who have passed into spirit.

As before, Joe and I present the information that has been related to us by
credible, mainstream residents and business people, as well as our own paranormal
experiences during our investigations.

Lastly, this book, like the previous one, contains historical information about places all over Long Island. History is very important to me, and I have gained great satisfaction in knowing how much my readers enjoy learning about Long Island history almost as much as reading about the spirits.

 - Kerriann Flanagan Brosky


When Kerriann began this sequel we knew it would be a spiritual anthology. She elected to write it from a first person perspective, so that readers would feel they were with us during each investigation. The book became a journey spanning many places, people and events. Our expeditions took us upon land and sea, from spooky places to churchly places, from old schools to new business sites, from a lighthouse protected by rocks to a quiet cemetery and a rare opportunity to sit with an Indian chief.

Like a cross-country journey, this book isn't about the destination, it's about the ride. The quaint towns along the way, the unplanned side trips, the detours and rest stops were part of the experience that added knowledge to our spiritual travelogue. As you read Kerriann's book, ride along with us as we uncover evidence of the soul's existence and the continuation of life after death.

 - Joe Giaquinto













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